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Artist / Survivor - Jan Spangler

Jan Spangler is a self-taught artist and cartoonist. She's also a nurse, avid equestrian, wife, mother, grandmother and breast cancer survivor. She is the creator of a new line of gift cards that Women's Health Boutique now carries. "Survivor Girl" is a series of artsy, fun and empowering cards to send to someone going through cancer as well as those supporting them. Jan is a spirited and talented survivor, and her cards will definitely lift your spirits and inspire whoever receives them.

A routine mammogram and subsequent biopsy confirmed Spangler's disease in 2005. Her experience helped to "...breathe life into an inanimate cartoon of an upbeat female who wears a pink dress, dons a red head scarf and glows" according to Spangler. Jan has doodled all her life and her cards were a doodled journal of her breast cancer journey. Now she creates art and cartoons to make people smile. After selling her cards at local craft shows, The American Cancer Society picked them up and you can find them primarily in hospital gift shops nationwide. She's hoping that her cards will help raise Breast Cancer Awareness. After all, 1 out of 8 women will be daignosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Jan is fortunate that she and one of her sisters survived breast cancer. Her youngest sister and mom did not. She celebrated her 5 year double mastectomy in 2012. "The women in my family were gobbled up cancer, so I always lived life as if it were fast forward".

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