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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions for Breast Surgery

Pre- and Post-Breast Surgery Brochure (PDF)
Preparation for Breast Surgery and Recovery Brochure (PDF)

As you prepare for your surgery, Women’s Health Boutique will assist you to have the right garments to help you through your recovery, and as you heal and go about your life.

However long it has been since your surgery, Women’s Health Boutique will work with you to find the product right for you.

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Most of the questions we get asked are whether use of our products will be noticeable in public, such as our wigs, bras or swimwear. And the good news is that we can honestly say “no” in most situations.

What are my options after breast surgery?

You have three alternatives: wearing an external breast form, external breast reconstruction, or surgical breast reconstruction.

Will my skin need special attention after breast surgery?

Yes, your skin needs deep moisturizing to prevent dryness and sensitivity, and to promote healing, especially if you undergo radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

What can I wear after breast surgery?

We offer a cotton undergarment that will protect your incision. This garment contains no metal hooks or elastic bands and has fiber-filled pockets to give you a natural look.

What is a breast form?

A breast form is a breast prosthesis worn inside a bra to closely simulate the natural contours of your own breast. Forms are made from silicone, foam or fiberfill.

Why is a weighted form necessary?

The form will balance the weight of the remaining breast and alleviate shoulder, neck and back pain.

Why do I need to be custom-fitted for a breast form?

There are hundreds of shapes and sizes of breast forms available. Every woman, every surgery and every breast is different, so the fitting is very individualized. Our certified mastectomy fitters are specially trained to help you find just the right form.

What do I wear when I swim?

Mastectomy swimsuits have pockets to hold the breast forms. Foam and silicone swim forms are designed to be worn in the hot tub, pool or ocean.

After breast surgery, am I at risk for lymphedema?

You may be at risk if lymph node dissection or radiation is involved. Preventive tips are available.