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Our Story

Women's Health Boutique

Vicki's and Seleta's Story

Whether a woman loses a breast or her hair, has varicose veins or is experiencing a difficult pregnancy, she needs help finding the right products in an atmosphere with love and dignity.

We are here to help you look and feel great. Women’s Health Boutique offers a comfortable, dignified and discreet alternative to shopping for health-related merchandise. We offer some of the best and most innovative products and services with the compassion and heart of a close friend; our atmosphere is always caring and helpful.

Women’s Health Boutique grew out of two daughters’ love for their mother. Vicki Dortch Jones and her sister, Seleta Dortch Lovell, founded Women’s Health Boutique, “because women deserve attention to their special needs.”

Their mother, Billie Dortch, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1986. They wanted to make their mother’s daily life easier and help restore her dignity that the cancer had taken away but couldn’t find good, high-quality products to help her look and feel better. It was only after Billie’s death that the sisters were amazed to find so many products that could have helped her; that could have made her life more comfortable and that could have restored her dignity.

This heartbreaking event inspired Vicki to build a place where women with special health needs could be treated with respect and sensitivity. The Longview boutique is the flagship of the Women's Health Boutique family. In October of 2012, Women's Health Boutique added a new location in Plano, TX. The formerly All About You Wig Boutique and Cancer Recovery Salon owned by Tracy Gomez is now a beautiful Women's Health Boutique with a professional team of women to meet your healthcare needs.

Tracy Gomez has been personally affected by breast cancer. Her mother and two aunts were all diagnosed with breast cancer within a five year period. Then one of Tracy's close friends began her own battle with breast cancer. After Tracy accompanied her friend to her wig and breast form fitting appointment, Tracy could feel her friend's pain, fear and frustration during such a difficult experience. Tracy was inspired to create a facility with a comfortable and compassionate environment for cancer patients to get all the specialty products, unique services and caring support they need in one convenient location. In June, 2005, Tracy boldly followed her heart and her vision to open All About You Salon and Boutique. All About You broke new ground as the first cancer recovery salon in the entire Dallas metroplex and surrounding areas. Tracy and her experienced and compassionate team at All About You Wig Boutique and Cancer Recovery Salon are dedicated to providing exceptional services and the best products on the market to help those on the road to recovery.

Women's Health Boutique added another location in Dallas in October of 2012. Located in the Oak Cliff area, Women's Health Boutique hopes to reach women and men who have special heathcare needs. It is my belief that many even today, are unaware of the products available to them through insurance. One of my goals is to spread the word that help is available. As part of the Women's Health Boutique mission, we want to help women to "...make a positive difference in the way women look and feel about themselves".

Women’s Health Boutique is the tribute to Billie Dortch. Her legacy is dedicated to women everywhere who will deal with special healthcare issues during their lives.